Top Blackjack Betting Strategies

Top Blackjack Betting Strategies

We’ve been playing Blackjack for more than 300 years now, so it makes sense that certain strategies designed to give the player more of a chance at beating the house have emerged over time. They’re not fool proof by any means, but they can be fun to try and who knows? They may work great!

The 1-3-2-6 Blackjack Betting Strategy

To follow this system, divide your wagers into four units, then choose how much you’ll be betting for the first. Remember, the value of your first bet/unit will determine how much you stake in the remainder.

Let’s say that you decide on a $5 wager for the first unit. If this wins, your next bet will be $15. If this is also successful, the next wager will be $20. If you win yet again, your fourth bet will be $30. When the wagering cycle completes, you start again from the beginning, as is the case if you lose at any point along the way.

The 2-1-2, or Manhattan, Strategy

This strategy allows you to make the most of a good run of cards. Divide your bets into three units. If a unit is $5, your first wager will be $10. If you win this bet, you’ll reduce the amount you wager on the next game to one, so you’ll bet $5. If you’re successful once again, you’ll increase your bet to three units, so you’ll wager $15.

If the Black Lotus Casino Blackjack dealer wins at any point, or you end the cycle with a series of wins, you start from the beginning again.

Flat-Betting Method

With flat-betting, you wager the same amount every time. This lowers the risk of incurring a huge loss and allows you to better control your betting budget. How much you wager depends on your budget and how many hands you want to play.

Negative-Progression Wagering

In this system, you increase the size of your bet each time you lose by one unit and default back to one unit when you win. The goal here is to ensure you eventually cover your losses with a big-enough win.

Positive-Progression Wagering

When you put a positive-progression betting system to work, you’ll be using whatever winning streak you experience at the Blackjack table to your best advantage. As with all the other systems outlined here, it has its pros and its cons, but it can see you net a big take-home if you’re experiencing a particularly good run.

Each time you win a hand, you increase the size of your wager, doing this up until the dealer takes all. Once this occurs, you return to the original bet unit you began wagering with and start building once more.

Beat the Dealer

When it comes right down to it, the only way you can win steadily at the Blackjack table is by learning Perfect Strategy, practising as much as you can in free and real money games, and keeping your wits about you. But testing different approaches can be entertaining and you may find one that works.

Don’t wager more than you can afford, don’t bet more to cover your losses, and remember to have a good time!

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