The Most Common Roulette Numbers

The Most Common Roulette Numbers

People tend to have many theories and superstitions when it comes to roulette numbers. These may be based on historical records or even be unique to each individual player.

Number 17 has been at the heart of some extraordinary roulette wins. Additionally, it appears prominently on Newcastle United football shirts and was even bet upon completely by Mike Ashley himself for over PS1.3 million!


Roulette is a casino game of chance and therefore there is no way to predict exactly which numbers will come up when placing bets. But certain numbers do seem to appear more often than others and this could affect both your winnings and losses overall.

Though it can be hard to move away from superstitions surrounding certain numbers, you can still apply logic when choosing your betting strategy. By understanding the probabilities of roulette better, you will be better equipped to make decisions which maximize your odds of success and help increase the chance of victory.

There are various reasons for why certain numbers might be more popular than others in roulette, including people’s interpretation of randomness. For example, 7 may be seen as special as it’s prime and we associate prime numbers with special or uniqueness; three is another popular selection as it symbolizes three stages in life and also considered good luck in Chinese numerology.

Attractive roulette numbers may depend on their placement on the wheel; this applies whether playing online or at land-based casinos. For instance, 3 may be harder to reach from most table positions due to its proximity to red section of the wheel – perhaps this helps explain why it is less popular than, say 17?

There Are Few Favorite Roulette Numbers

While players typically favor certain numbers when they play roulette, experienced gamblers tend to avoid others for various reasons. One such example is 666 in biblical prophecies about its end-time arrival – perhaps as part of this number which signifies doom and destruction?

Or it could be related to how it has long been seen as being associated with bad luck in various cultures; players might therefore avoid betting on it out of fear that something bad will happen if they do bet on it. No matter why; one thing is clear – 6 should not be bet upon when gambling!

Other less desirable roulette numbers include 0 and 11, both of which carry an extremely high house edge due to covering nearly half of the wheel and offering low odds of hitting them. Experienced gamblers tend to avoid these two numbers due to their extremely high house edge; alternatively, placing outside bets that cover larger areas may increase your odds of success; these bets provide higher payouts without guaranteeing success and could provide increased winning potential for those hoping to maximise winning potential.

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