How to Win the Mega Millions Drawing Once You Have Followed These Tips

How to Win the Mega Millions Drawing Once You Have Followed These Tips

Today there is such great interest in the Mega Millions jackpot that the daily estimated top prize is being raised to a record amount of $1.0billion. It is only the third time ever that a lottery jackpot has reached that staggering figure. While it may seem impossible, there are some easy tips that you can use to ensure that you are playing for the big jackpot and not a measly little bit of change. This article will give you some hints and tips on how to win the Mega Millions.

– You should avoid playing the Mega Millions on Tuesday as this date tends to be the slowest day for the lottery. This is because more people are working on their homework and have a few extra hours free on the weekend. So, keep this in mind and play on a weekend when there is less traffic. Plus if you play on the weekdays then you will have a better chance at winning the jackpot because there will be more people available to play.

– You should never buy more tickets than you need. If you are serious about winning the jackpot then you need to know how Mega Millions winners decide where their prizes go. You see, winners almost always decide overnight based on their chances of winning. That is why there are now annual payments for winners. The biggest advantage to these annual payments is that you will get instant cash payments instead of waiting for weeks or months on a monthly basis.

– Don’t play the Mega Millions with a fixed amount of money. Let your winnings drip. This will allow you to have more chances of winning the jackpot. Most of the time there is a much bigger jackpot on Tuesday nights compared to any other day. So, if you really want to get the big bucks on Tuesday then try to play on weekdays instead of always going on a weekend.

– Watch out for the “over-the-top” drawings. Mega Millions is not like the lottery where you can’t win the jackpot with just a single ticket. These drawings are meant for mega millions winners who have a very solid chance of winning the huge prize.

– Watch out for drawings with extremely low jackpot amounts. Do not play mega millions with such low prizes. Why? Well, most winners of the lottery are actually living on their earnings from the Mega Millions jackpot prize. It does not make sense to play the Mega Millions with low prizes. That would not make sense because you are taking your earnings from the huge prize and giving it away with the drawing.

– It’s really important to have as much patience as you can because there are a lot of people that are trying to cheat the system. There are a lot of websites that are actually run by cheating lottery scam artists. Their whole purpose is to swindle you and they usually use Mega Millions as a lure. If you are patient and keep on following these tips then you will eventually have your prize after you have followed all of the tips above.

Remember, playing the Mega Millions is not like gambling. You do not win a single dollar when you play the Mega Millions drawings. The amount of money that is won is a result of a lot of factors, namely, winning combination, size of ticket purchased, and many more. So, if you want to be successful then you need to practice hard. Play every Friday, every Saturday, and every Sunday because the Mega Millions draws are held on those days.